About Us

Crossways is a charitable organisation that offers a range of programs and services to the local community, including access to low-cost food, clothing and household items through the Meeting Place Café and Crossways Op Shop, Professional Counseling as well as adult education programs.

Operating since 1998, Crossways was formed out of a strong desire to play an active role in the local community by providing assistance to those in need. Our strong local focus means that any support we receive goes directly into helping the local community.

Our goal is to empower people by giving them the tools, skills and experience they need to take positive steps towards a more fulfilling life. With the right encouragement and support, we believe that life can be better.

Our small and efficient team wouldn’t be able to operate without the support and dedication or nearly 50 active volunteers. We also rely greatly on the generosity of Our Supporters and local businesses that provide assistance in a number of ways. Many opportunities exist within our organisation for volunteer work and training.

Crossways has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status and therefore all donations of $2 or more to the organisation are tax deductible.