Men’s Shed

The Men`s Shed movement is here at Crossways. About men gathering together in their own space to talk, share skills, swap ideas, solve problems or just discuss life in general.

The common theme in all sheds is about men feeling useful and contributing again to their communities, learning or sharing their skills, making friends, networking and availing themselves of health information programmes and opportunities. Men’s Sheds are under the auspices of a variety of organisations whose ethos they tend to exemplify. Communities are keen to provide activity, identity and meaning for vast numbers of older, unemployed, job-redundant, downsized’, isolated, depressed and happily retired, active, creative, enthusiastic men. Men’s Sheds are fast being recognized as vital, viable places to fulfill these needs and provide relaxed, happy creative spaces for men to enjoy.

The Men`s Shed commitment To Crossways

The building of the ELEOS Centre with the help of Lotterywest allowed Crossways to implement and join the Men`s Shed concept by providing the necessary accommodation being the Sheds. Crossways also provided some funds to equip the workshop to enable the Shed to function.

Resulting from this generosity the Men`s Shed have made the following commitment

ELEOS facility maintenance

Provide first up facility maintenance to the new building and equipment to reduce costs and improve efficiencies and support the Staff and Volunteers in the daily duties.

Testing and repair of donated furniture and equipment for sale in the Op shop to the benefit of the Community

Pick up and deliver furniture and equipment to support the Op shop  and  the Community

Wherever possible provide support to members of the community who have difficulties.


Provide low cost minor home maintenance to Crossways clients within the community

People within our community area can become Crossways Associate  members allowing access to low cost home maintenance and advice.


All men are welcome to be members and join the group. Your skills are always welcome in the Shed environment no matter how great or small. Everyone has something to contribute to the group or their own self confidence

As described from the results of a Men`s Shed survey by Professor Barry Golding

“Despite their diverse of origins, locations, configurations, auspicing organisations and purposes, men’s sheds in community contexts share a common commitment to older men’s friendship, health and well being in conjunction with regular and supervised hands-on activity in group settings in a shed-type space for both individual and community benefit.”



Rear of 225 Railway Ave behind the Eleos Centre

Telephone 9390 0900