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Helping Hands


Crossways is a thriving community and charitable association that offers a range of programs and services in  the local community within the City of Armadale, Perth, Western Australia.  


Operating since 1998, Crossways was formed by community members of a local church after assisting many  from the community who were struggling financially  and  in need of food  provisions.  Crossways was incorporated in 2002 and now  operates from a central location in the Armadale/Kelmscott  area and services have developed over time that offer practical, emotional, social and spiritual support. 


Services include Emergency Relief offering temporary assistance with food and essential living expenses, a longer term

Community Pantry system,  a Community Café offering nutritious homestyle meals and refreshments, an Opshop offering low cost preloved clothing and household items,

Mental Health Counselling, and a range of Community Support and Lifeskills programmes


Our strong local focus means that any

financial support or fundraising we receive goes directly into helping the local community.

Our team wouldn’t be able to operate without the support and dedication of nearly 70 active community  volunteers, many of whom gain valuable skills and transferable  work experience.  We also rely greatly on the generosity of Our Supporters and local businesses that provide assistance in a number of ways.

Many opportunities exist within our organisation for volunteer work and training.  Jump on our Facebook Page for more info.

Crossways has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status and therefore all donations of $2 or more to the organisation are tax deductible.


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